Gothic Fairytale – Alexander McQueen FW2016 Jewelry

Posted: Mar 09 2016

Paris Fashion week is coming to a close and I have so many trend boards to prepare for you! I started this morning and between phone calls, emails, research and coffee breaks, I realize it’s going to take me quite awhile so I am going to send them out as I go. Alexander McQueen takes dibs as the first jewelry post for what’s in store for us next Fall. Maybe, it’s because I love the gothic look that paraded down the runways. But. mostly because most models were heavily bejewelled with vintage hair brooches and heavy metal chains. The gunmetal chain earrings with eagle wing and steampunk charms was reminiscent of AMcQ’s personal style. He would be proud.

alexander mcqueen fall 2016  hair jewelry

I secretly hope to see someone walking around with this in their hair. I realize it’s done for the “shock factor” for runways but it would be cool to see people actually adorning this on the streets. I should put my money to my mouth and do it myself! I do love the heavy metal chains weaved into the hair. I promise to try and I will take a pic!

alexander mcqueen fall 2016  earrings jewelry

Oh this earring! I’ve tried to sell this style so many times but to no avail. There are those daring enough to try this style in public, lol! But, most are so afraid to attempt this gothic punk look. The moon and arrow style is especially stand-out for me. When I finally re-pierce my earrings for the 3rd time, I would most definitely wear any of these! I’d love to see a woman in professional attire try this look!


alexander mcqueen fall 2016 chains

This pin/chain look worn on a double breasted tuxedo jacket screams the 80s (or was it the 90s – all is a blur!). Whatever the year, I remember wearing something similar. The frilly blouse baring skin makes this look super feminine – a well styled look! Kudos to Sarah Burton for sending a collection worthy of the label. She described her woman as: “Almost sleepwalking, in a state where reality and dreams become blurred.” In my opinion, she is finally realizing Alexander McQueen’s vision for his collection.


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