More Bijoux from Paris Fashion Week - Fall 2015/16 - Lanvin, Balmain, Manish Arora, Dior and more...

Posted: Mar 09 2015

This season has been all over the map as far as trends which pleases me because I think it's time that we start wearing what we WANT and FEEL like wearing regardless if it's "IN" or not. Ultimately, your personal style and confidence is what rocks the outfit, right?! Here is what came out of Paris this past week as far as BIJOUX. Shine on!

I foresee these crystal pendants having a positive future next season! 

The leather body wraps, heavy tassel earrings, long curtain tassel belts and fabric cuffs are powerful accessories that we will be so privileged to carry into fall.

Loving this folklore chic jewelry styling paired with his intricate prints and textures. Mr. Elbaz is a genius. 
Wow talk about creating outside of the box, Manish Arora always a favourite of mine for his eccentricity. Maybe it's because he's Indian and I'm obsessed with India. Whatever it is, he is just what the fashion world needs. J'adore!
Yet another soft spot for Olivier Rousteing's genius marketing and styling - every season he takes Balmain to a whole new level. I adore the cuts and textiles. 
      This season's single earring trend is again catapulted to greatness with the extra large agate!

Ooh what's going on here! I know for certain that all this face piercing will not sell very well for mainstream America but that's why we have fashion shows - to push the envelope. Taken apart, these studs and earrings can be quite beautiful. The first photo is taken from the Givenchy menswear catwalk - the "vampire toothed" pendant is creepy but I'd probably find a way to wear it!

Dior went very classic this season with his silhouettes albeit his slinky boots added a 70s chic to the overall styling. The beaded collars are our focus today. Not original but a jewelry piece all the same.
Carven's big black dot pendant is to the point, literally!! John Galliano is back and I'm so elated - every time I see one of his shows, I jump in my seat. I'm still waiting for his over the top wear but I'm patient! Here, I have to settle for a neon and black fabric flower choker. Iceberg's simple silver choker is just that simple - but, hey it's not all about me and my statement pieces.
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