Recap of Milan Fashion Week 2015-2016 Jewelry & Accessories - Elaborate Brooches, Statement Necklaces & Hair Accessories

Posted: Mar 04 2015

Okay so I'm a bit late with the recap as Paris has already started but I was sincerely waiting for the WOW factors in Milan. The first few days got me feeling slightly underwhelmed until elaborate jewelry and accessories popped up on the bigger name designers, in that I mean the influencers. I started to smile again and feel more confident for our industry. Even though that is never really a deterrent for me but a little help from the well know designers will only help us generate more excitement for jewelry! And keep us going!

This season saw the return of Brooches and Pin, last seen in the 90s somewhere. They've tried to comeback every few seasons since then but now is the time. Because now they are statement pieces. The Italian designers went wild with elaborate pins and hair accessories.  Go big or go home, right!!!!

Prada wins me over, for the first time in a long time, with these acrylic cut out extra large brooches. They are playful, springtime fresh and actually easy to wear 

Dolce & Gabbana are one my favourites for over embellishment - they know how to accomplish it without seeming too tacky. I would wear every piece here. In fact, I probably did once back in the 90s when this baroque style was very popular. I secretly pray that women actually embrace this style and not shy away from it, as they usually do!!! Be Bold! Be Brave!

Wow! WoW! WOW! These headphones are magnificent. I want! I want! I need! lol!

Finally, a designer after my own heart. Fausto Puglisi sent models down the runway sporting  big, bold, eccentric, ornate statement necklaces, belts and single earrings. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this collection for its bold colours, linear silhouettes and obviously for his BIJOUX! 

I will always have a soft spot for Moschino because of Franco Moschino's quirkiness and his "fuck fashion" attitude. Jeremy Scott is channeling his mockery (maybe a bit too cartoony for me) but the essence lives on. Over accessorizing is in my vocabulary so of course I love this.

Whether it be for Cavalli or Just Cavalli, Roberto Cavalli always evokes female power in his wardrobe and accessories. I do love the metallic V bib with geometric necklace. It's feminine and galactic at the same time. He's looking forward instead of always going back.

Armani sent down more youthful fashion and by that I mean it was more structured for him. His take on the oversize brooch was patent leather bows and flowers. 

Les Copains' dragonfly brooches, royal gala necklaces and crystal drops paired with their signature monochromatic, modern day silhouettes actually worked well. I'm a lover of juxtaposition - mixing trends, styles and patterns. It was very grown up and elegant.
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