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Posted: Oct 26 2014

It's been too long since I posted something dedicated to men. And since my new obsession is men's style, it's only fitting that I share my new inspirations. More and more men are adorning bijoux and that makes me all giddy inside. It's difficult enough to find women to wear over the top jewels and accessories but that's another post entirely. Hope you enjoy these men who are taking it to another level! 
#LesTwins (Laurent & Larry Bourgeois) from France are Hip Hop dancers extraordinaire and have Kickass styles to boot! May all men aspire to gear up like them!
Rings, rings and more rings - we love!!
Oh Ya!! We love the chunky metallic hardware and gothic rings!!
This just screams genuine style with the heavy duty skull rings and carved cuff.
Black and gold - we can't say anything against that. His sleek style is a perfect backdrop for the refined gold cuffs and rings!
Ya baby - chunky dark gold rings on almost all fingers!
Darth Vadar as a ring, there is nothing else I have to say - this is PURE coolness at its best!
Decked out in #KingBabyStudio jewelry
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