Bowery Girl - Numero #144 lensed by Greg Kadel - Punk Rock - Grunge

Posted: Jun 18 2013

I just realized it's almost one month since my last post. Unacceptable. I just moved back into my newly constructed home after a fire destroyed my home/business in January. I guess I have a good excuse but still I promise to get back on top of the game!!!

Today I want to post an editorial from Numero (one of my fave magazines!!!) #144. Model Kremi Otashliyska is a Bowery Girl. Bowery is a street and neighbourhood in lower Manhattan. A little history lesson today: when the Dutch settled in New York City back in the 17th century, they set up farms (bouwerij). The rise and fall of the Bowery district is actually quite interesting if u have several minutes to read (

Lensed by Greg Kadel, this depiction of a "Bowery Girl" is grungy and punk rock! I'm a big fan of darkness so this editorial appealed to my dark side. Shine on!!

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