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Posted: May 03 2013

The more and more I get into blogging, the more I am thrilled that men's jewelry and accessories are no longer taking a back seat to women's.  As a woman, I am fascinated by MEN in general! But add to that mix a well dressed man, well then that's a thing of beauty and elegance. I'm glad to see the North American men taking more interest in their appearance (as their European counterparts have been doing for centuries). Here's model Diego Fragosa adorned with jewels and (a skirt) and still looking as masculine as ever. Hot! Photographed by the duo of Tao Wu and Eric Alessi.  Shine on!

Seriously, this guy is wearing a skirt and a necklace and he still looks yummy!

Looks painful but the spiked wreath around his head makes him god-like!!

Yes to many rings. Sexy pose.

The upper arm bracelet and cuff is well styled.

The intricate head piece is outstanding.

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