Naomi Campbell, Supermodel Extraordinaire - Vogue Brasil May 2013

Posted: May 02 2013

Supermode, Naomi Campbell at the ripe old age of 42 years old can still kick any one's ass!! Her rock hard body is still a thing of wonder. I'm not too keen about the blond wig, she reminds me of Beyonce too much. Her sleek dark hair made her more fierce - a look that appeals to me most. Here are some photos from the May issue of Vogue Brasil, photographed by Tom Munro. I only selected the photos featuring jewelry as I am a jewelry blog!! Shine on! 

Serious arm party of bangles. Adding that crystal disc bracelet breaks up the monotony!

Extra large pom pom earrings and rings stand out against Naomi's rock hard frame!

Love the oversize hoops - they work well with her voluminous hair. Good for her that at 42 she can wear those itty bitty shorts!

Quintessential 80s look - overloading chanel accessories is not a new look for the Supermodels of that era!

Seriously, FUCK U to those abs!!! 

Love the ultra white jewelry with the shiny black attire. Cool styling indeed by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele - one of my faves in the industry.

Viva Naomi for still looking kick ass adorned with the Chanel bauble bracelets making all the fashion editorials this spring/summer!

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