Tokyo POP - Fashion Jewelry Editorial - Neon Brights - Spring 2013

Posted: Mar 26 2013

Yesterday I posted a very minimalist editorial but today is all about colors and prints and flash! Fashion magazine's TOKYO POP editorial (April 2013) has brought a smile to my face this morning. Photographed by Gabor Jurina and expertly styled by George Antonopoulos. It's the Orient meets Miami - love!!  Oh and check out the over the top earrings! Shine on!

All about Gucci from dress to jewels and check out the make-up!

My favourite shoes from Tom Ford - they are seriously orgasmic! 

I love that these 15$ earrings hold their own with this 5000$ outfit! All it takes is confidence.

No bijoux here but the background is worth it. 

I've recently discovered Shourouk out of Paris and I am in love with her jewelry. And who doesn't love Hello Kitty?

The earrings, the earrings, the earrings!!! I don't even notice the striking red skirt and stole!

Mary Katranzou's white 60s look is a clear winner and that eagle graffiti in the back - gorgeous!
The shoes by Ruth Davies are stunning! I love the shot!

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