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Posted: Feb 18 2013

I love when I see a man confident enough to wear jewelry. No, not just a ring and watch but lots of chains, rings and bracelets. I love that today there is a variety of styles being featured on the runways. And finally, men's fashion weeks are picking up steam! I love that more and more fashion designers are creating more intricate and substantial collections for men. I love that it isn't so generic anymore. I love that this newer generation of men are more individualistic when pairing clothing and accessories. I do love the mix and match of colors and prints available to men!

Here are some jewelry pieces hot off the Spring 2013 runways and photos of some super stylish men. Yes, of course, Kanye West is here - I do LOVE that he DARES to WEAR!!!

Rick Owens Spring 2013 - I would wear this!!

Lanvin Spring 2013 - I expected more originality from them we still love them because it's Lanvin - lol!!

I love the look and the man is super hot, yes???

I do love these braided "friendship bracelets" with the classic watch and sports jacket - sexy!

Louis Vuitton's adding color and youth to their Spring 2013 collection.

I actually think in this shot, the jewelry gives him a masculine edge over the sailor top!!

Only Mr Kanye West can sport chunky gold chains with heavy pendants and look cool!

DSquared Spring 2013 - They tackled the 80/90's this season for women's fashion - it only makes sense that they would do the same for men.


Simple but in your face, these gold chains look great over this heather grey t-shirt, leather pants and NIKE high tops.  She looks classy too!

And make sure the significant part is truly out there!!!!! 
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