we love...Birds - Spring Trends 2013 - Jewelry for the Birds

Posted: Feb 07 2013

Today's trend was going to encompass the animal trend but in doing my research I found lots and lots of bird influences. So today, the BIRDS rule! Here are some extravagant and classy interpretations that I love, love and love!

I am officially in love with this choker - if anyone knows the designer, please tell me!!!!

I would never have paired this carved parrot with crystal (or diamonds) and chains but it works!

If you're a bird then I'm a bird - it's pretty clear! I did love this movie and love this quote!

Beatrice Demulder Ferrant Haute Couture Paris - love this rendition of a feather necklace.

Local Hat maker, Corinne of Ophelie Hats is a genius - this leather bird wing  is super chic! www.opheliehats.com 

This silver metal Bird Feather necklace is sublime!

Irit Design kick ass ring - 0.85 carats diamonds

This intricate gold ring with lovely  birds is designed by Amrapeli.

I want this blue bird necklace - this is KITSCH and so cool!!

I posted this on my Facebook page and I still can't get enough of it - i love the punchy colors and size!

Aquaskye used to carry this line (Lotta Djossou) and the birds have been constant in this line - we love this cuff!!! 

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