Fringe Jewelry Trend - Spring 2013

Posted: Jan 22 2013

It's -33 degrees celsius outside - hmmm, what's a girl to do? Why, yes of course, blog and get up to date with all her social media. It makes perfect sense. There's no way in hell that I'm going out there - oh no!!

In my quest to become THE jewelry reference blog; here's trend no. 3 for Spring 2013. Multi layered chains and fringes have been dominating the runways and retail giants for some time now. And yet it's still hanging on. This season Versace, Kenzo, Nina Ricci etc... are showcasing necklaces and bracelets adorned with layers and layers of chains. I'm all about more is more but personally, this trend is a bit tired for me. I do love the way some designers are pairing this trend with pastels, bold colors and prints. DARE!!

Versace SS2013 - chains and buttons. I like the way its worn on top of a tie-dye top but don't be afraid to wear it under a blouse/shirt for extra pop at the office. Yes, the chains will be against your whole torso but hey, that's the price for looking great!!
Matthew Williamson SS2013. Love the psychedelic pants. The nautical/gypsy fringe necklace makes this look uber quirky. Don't be afraid to mix and match.
Never one to shy away from over exaggeration, Sergio Rossi's fringed heels definitely make a statement. Please try wearing with a skirt or shorts to further showcase these beauties!
Nina Ricci does a beautiful job in making this fringe gold necklace more modern with its assymetrical flow and the refined shine of the metallic gold. Love the pairing of hot pink polka dots with gold fringe.

Kenzo Fringed Bangle SS2013. Yes, the fringes may get in the way at work but remember that the chains are free flowing so just sweep them away. Love the impact that simple chains can bring to a chunky cuff.

Not a big fan of the new St. Laurent name and Spring collection but he encapsulated the fringe trend with his long fringe sautoirs in gold and black fabric tassels. 

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