Looking Back at the Top 10 Jewelry Trends for 2012

Posted: Jan 02 2013

It's the start of a new year and yes, we should be looking forward and not backward. be what it may, I am looking back at the top 10 trends that influenced me in 2012. And will continue to influence me in 2013.

1. Statement Necklaces - here's a trend that I absolutely adore and am very pleased to see that it will be just as strong in the new year (2013).

2. Arm Party - Stackable Bracelets: Another trend that is close to my heart since I've been wearing the "arm party" style for the longest time. The exaggeration presented to us in fashion editorials actually took to the streets. We love.

Sarah's rendition with Otazu cuff and Aquaskye bracelets - NICE!!!

The mix of gold bangles, pink quartz and natural stones is divine!

A popular mix with gold chain braided with silk ribbon, cord and feather.

The pyramid studs, crystals, hard enamel cuff and bow were a common fave of the year 2012!

Jean Paul Gaultier rocks the arm party concept with tons of hardware (and multi rings, as well!). Genius!

3. Multiple Rings - Hand Party! This is actually a trend that I have recently adopted. I was always one to wear big rings on each middle finger but now I love the idea of stacking and transforming your hands to pure art!

Wearing bigger more imposing rings together is a trend that screams "individuality"!

Wow!!! We know this to be an ad campaign but I love the mix of vintage with southwestern.
Givenchy just rocks!!! Statement rings on all fingers, now that's how we stand out in a crowd! Spectacular!
Vanessa wearing aquaskye's treasures - www.aquaskye.com

4. OVER THE TOP EARRINGS - Yes, I know, I put this magnificent category in 4th place. It's not about me!! As you can imagine and already know, this is my favourite trend. I was over the top when I found out this trend inundated the runways in 2012. But, fear not, for the statement earring is back for 2013! YAY!!

Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy hit the target with these stunners!!! If I had them, I would have worn them for sure!!!
Blumarine dared with these extra large hoops! LOVE, Love, Love!!!!

Christian Lacroix crystal hoops - as usual, a master with everything opulent!


Bohemian style

www.aquaskye.com - pewter coin masterpiece

6. ANIMALS & INSECTS - Lanvin and Giambattista Valli were clear influencers this season with this trend as their runway fashions were accented with tiger, snakes and bugs!

Giambattista Valli Fall 2012 caterpillar/butterfly metal cuff extraordinaire!

Lanvin Fall 2012 - Gunmetal Tiger Head encrusted with blue sapphires. Rock on!!!!

Delfina Delettrez 2012 - grasshopper earrings

7. NEON BRIGHTS - This past summer exploded with neon jewelry, shoes, bags and clothes!! Spring/Summer 2013 will see bright and bold colors as well. So, don't put away your neons just yet!!


8. PASTEL - Louis Vuitton's ads in an ice cream parlour with props and models all clad in pastels made pastel popular again. It's inevitable that pastel colors would make a presence in the fashion cycle at one point again. In 2013, we will be seeing more pinks, mint greens and powder blues in matte hues.

Dipped Hair made famous by celebs like Nicki Minaj and Christina Aguilera dominated the streets - here is a lovely pastel mint on blonde! I love her hot pink eye makeup - great styling!

www.aquaskye.com - pastel pink bracelet

9. NAUTICAL - Obviously, this trend is strong during the summer months when the warmer temperatures drive us to the sea and beach. Every season, this theme will creep up on us but sometimes it's turquoise and coral but this season (2012), it was red, navy blue and gold!!

Versace's crystal encrusted seashell dresses catapulted the nautical theme this spring (2012). She bravely stepped away from the obvious sailor stripes by mixing her seashells with pastels.


An updated version of the traditional stripes and anchors with added sequins and an arm party !!!

Nautical Arm party of bracelets from - www.etsy.com/shop/aquaskye

 10. BAROQUE - This trend was over exaggerated by the design duo of Dolce & Gabbana taking excessive pearls and ornate detailing to another level! It was a little bit of them going back to the 80s with oversize pearls and brooches. Actually it was a lot of that! I can't really say they updated the look to suit the 21st century.

Dolce & Gabbana baroque style clutch

Dolce & Gabbana hot off the Fall 2012 runway show.


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