Gothic Tribute to Halloween - Vampire - Wicked Fashion Editorials - Dark Fashions

Posted: Oct 30 2012

On this very windy Hallow's Eve, I've decided to feature some of my favorite gothic fashion editorials to date. Maybe I am a bit obsessed with anything darkness but it is Halloween and it's the only day of the year that we can reveal our dark sides without any scrutiny. Beware!!!

Aquaskye Polyvore Set - Opulence Dress from , metallic shoes from , gothic spike necklace from

Dark Ages - Photo by Gabor Jurina for Fashion Canada Oct 2012

Bekah Jenkins is absolutley captivating in this editorial.

Anna Gerasimova by Korlay Parlak for Elele magazine

With giant scissors in hand, this photo is so alluring, its frightening!

Anna captures the "Raven-esque" moment here with her empty and bone chilling stare.

Vogue Italia August 2008 - chilling

Her icy stare is enthralling - bracelets chez

Spiky and gothic, just the way we like it!!!
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