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Posted: Oct 19 2012

If you can't get enough of jewelry like ME and you're dying to read costume jewelry books in your spare time; then I have a list of informative and fashionable reads.

Eloquently defining the theme of her book, Maia Adams described costume jewelry as “this new breed of designer fashion jewellery makes no such claims - its purpose is not to imitate but to innovate.” I totally agree being a fashion jewelry designer and buff, myself. The photographs are visually stunning and the over-the-top, extravagance of the jewels are showcased just as costume jewelry should be!  It's a great inspirational read for designers and collectors. It's about time Fashion Jewelry gets a "Bible" of our  own.

Erickson Beamon AW08 ph: Greg Kadel  (Fashion Jewelry)

Tracing the history of costume jewelry, from Ancient Egypt to modern day America,  Costume Jewelry (Miller’s/Octopus, September 2012, $19.99), by Judith Miller, features 256 pages and 1,000 color photographs. This book gives you an insight into the big-name designers and its rising-stars. Helpful tips on what we should look for when buying costume jewelry makes for an interesting read. The photographs are colorful and vibrant. A must read! Or if you don't have the time - it'll do for a great coffee table book.

Fabulous Fakes showcases some of the most brilliant and beautiful vintage costume jewelry ever designed – from the Victorian era to the present. Curator and connoisseur Carole Tanenbaum invites you on an unforgettable tour of her private collection, complete with stunning photographs and an insider’s look at the history of costume jewelry.

To be honest, I have not read this book but I loved the cover and is definitely on my list of TO-READ!
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