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Posted: Sep 16 2012

Today I have decided not to post anything related to jewelry or fashion. Today I'm going to relay to you how everyday I try, with all my might, to find EPIC-ness. Yup, I know it's not officially a word but it is in my life dictionary. I came across this quote on facebook and it got my wheels turning at an exponential rate. Yes these 3 simple words.

epic - 1. noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style. 2. Heroic; majestic; impressively great.

Every morning, I wake up and lay in bed repeating over and over again my daily mantras expressing gratitude to all the EPIC people in my life. I open myself to success and abundance. I fill my mind with healthy and loving thoughts. I feel ready to rule the world. I map out my day always starting with a healthy breakfast, a champion run and glorified successes throughout the day. Then I finally roll out of bed and truly begin my day.

Invigorated from the morning mantras; I take my shower, eat my yogurt/granola/berries breakfast, prepare my green tea and sit in the sun-filled solarium further propelling me to do EPIC things today. Then, I stumble upon (literally) the morning paper and get lost for 20 minutes. I lose my cool for the better half of those precious moments as I get frustrated over our lack of real action in local and world politics.

My EPIC day is slowly fading before me as I try once again to revive it by turning on my computer. Since closing my actual store, all my focus has been in the viral world implementing social media strategies to improve my online business. So no, I'm not playing on the computer - I am actually working!

As soon as I open that first email, my EPIC-ness is hovering over me waiting for me to take hold of its reigns. But, I get lost into my virtual world and the next time that I glance at the clock, it's already afternoon. OMG, half my day is gone. So, I decide to take a much needed break. I wander through the rooms of my house and land at my workstation where I easily get distracted for another few hours sifting through my supplies, designing and creating. Yes, when I get an inpiration I always try to act on it or else it just gets archived in my mind. And trust me, my library is overflowing with ideas.

It's almost supper time. I rush to my computer to see what I have missed and my inbox is over capacity and I have messages from all my followers in different networks. Sales orders are flooding in. I am overwhelmed. I complete my tasks and as I look out the window, the sun is slowly setting and I realize one more EPIC day is lost and gone forever. I say to myself, "Tomorrow, EPIC-ness begins!"

But, we all know that "tomorrow" is not the way to achieve greatness. But, we also know that leading an EPIC life requires a shift in consciousness. When I truly believe that I am destined for greatness - it will come. Of course, I will continue working the hours but now I try to fill my work hours with passion and love for what I do. For the longest time, I resented my customers for not taking the leap with me from brick 'n mortar to online. Today, I let them go and I'm slowly seeing the benefits. As I work towards EPIC-ness, I remember that every little deed that you do in a day whether it be phoning a friend and letting them know how important they are to you or helping someone on the street or simply doing what YOU love; it's the right path to be on. We are all able to be EPIC and do EPIC things - how we measure it is up to us. Do whatever makes YOU happy not what others think make you happy. Being a hero usually means standing on your own and believing in you!

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