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Posted: Sep 13 2012

After over 15 years of being in the fashion jewelry business, I have accumulated boxes and boxes of bijoux! A big part of these treasures are repairs or lone earrings. I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day and happened upon a creative way to transform these lonely half pairs into bookmarks, giving them the purpose they so deserve! Or use lonely studs as push-pins - genius! I often transform them into pendants especially if they have a link fixed on top, all you need to do is slip it onto a chain and voila!! Brooches are coming back this Spring so why not start now - be ahead of trend, choose your favourite lone earring that you can't seem to part with, crazy glue a pin in the back and you now have a super cool brooch! In the coming weeks, I will be showing you funky ways to store your own jewelry. Enjoy!!

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