New Dior - From Greatness to Simplicity....

Posted: Jul 05 2012

I've been a huge fan of Dior for the past 14 years and now not so much. Okay, I admit, I love what John Galliano brought to Dior - his eccentricity and detailing always reminded me of the master couturier and fashion storyteller himself (Christian Lacroix). Every show transported us into another realm. They brought their dreams to life! I was a bit envious that they had this wonderful opportunity to translate their vision via clothes and accessories. Yes, perhaps it was more ART than actual fashion but oh! how the world of fashion is empty without Galliano & McQueen to stimulate our senses.

Dior Spring 2008 by John Galliano

Raf Simon is the new designer for the House of Dior. His Fall collection showcased bold colors and a return to clean lines bringing back the "New Look" silhouette revolutionized by Dior in the 1940's with exaggerated cinched in waists. The deconstructed floral detailing gave it very modern, architectural feel.

I'm dumbfounded. Are the journalists who reviewed the show still irate about John Galliano's rant that their judgement is so clouded? I don't understand how you can glorify Dior for its outrageousness and excessive genius in 2010 and then in 2012 be satisfied with simplicity and conventional looks. I do like Raf Simons but not for the Dior that I fell in awe with. Fashion is funny this way. I don't like it! I don't agree with them! But, who cares what I think - the cycle keeps on turning where the money is......

Dior Fall 2012/13 by Raf Simons

Dior Fall 2012/13 by Raf Simons
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