Steampunk Jewelry

Posted: Jun 13 2012

What is Steampunk Jewelry? I've seen this style of jewelry here and there in magazines and websites. In all honesty, I never really understood what it represented. When aquaskye joined the ETSY family, I spotted it in treasuries and features so I decided to research into it. Check out one of my favourite shops that carries the true essence of Steampunk jewelry:

Steampunk derived from underground movements such as punk, goth and industrial movements. In the early 2000's, it regained popularity with the surge of political and social unrest among today's youth. I feel with all the change that is happening now - student protests, anti-government rallies and anti-elitist movements, Steampunk is definitely a style that we need to embrace. It's influence is clearly from the Victorian Era with a touch of dark fantasy. It's evident in the jewelry style - its bold and almost aggressive appearance is masked by the actual beauty of the handiwork. Gears, watches and keys are common elements found in steampunk jewelry. You will never find shiny metals like gold or silver - this style is not about showing off but about preserving its original state therefore bronze, copper and gunmetal are the favored choices of metal.

The Fall collection will feature the metals of Steampunk and its darkness. 

Dark Beauty Fashion Editorial

Lotta Djossou:

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