When the power of love is greater than the love of power - the world will know PEACE.

Posted: Jun 06 2012

Some days, I am literally exhausted from looking through pages and pages of blogs to find that kick ass editorial that I will feature in this blog or sifting through blogs to find celebrities actually wearing jewelry! I live with this dilemma in my head everyday - are we too superficial? Do we really need those 1500$ Christian Louboutins? Why do we need things to makes us happy? Why are we so hung up on "what SHE is wearing"? Shouldn't we be more occupied with the state of the world - environment, human rights, animal rights etc...

And then I snap out of it, because after all this is my business! I have decided to give back. Starting this Fall, I will donate a percentage of my sales to groups (I'm still in the process of searching which ones are actually worthy) and maybe volunteer some of my "precious" time with local charities. Here are some fotos to remind us how wonderful this earth really is and maybe not take it for granted! Enjoy!

How cute is this giraffe? The giraffe population in West Africa has already been listed as endangered.

Many believe this to be a quote from Jimi Hendrix, when in fact it was from an Indian spiritual teacher and poet:

Ice Canyon, Greenland. This 110,000 year old ice sheet is said to be melting at an accelerated pace due to global warming.

I love this photo - I do not have the source (unfortunately) but this picture is self-explanatory.

Me too, I look up at the stars for answers. "look at the stars, look how they shine for you" - Coldplay
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