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Posted: Jun 04 2012

Here, at Aquaskye, we believe in the old saying "Bigger is Better". Get your minds out of the gutter! We mean Statement Jewelry! The bigger the necklace, the shinier the cocktail ring and/or the more outstanding the chandelier earrings are; the better we look and feel. You shop at aquaskye for jewelry that stands out; to find a piece that you emotionally connect with and NEED to have; to satisfy your desire in being the only person wearing our pieces. I'm showcasing just some of the beauties we have online. Enjoy!

                                                  Under the Sea Lace Chandelier Earrings

Red Collar Masterpiece - Monikque Necklace

Kari-Lynn Bianchi Ceramic Cuff - Enchantment

Rodrigo Otazu Summer Collection - order on request

Seraglio Gold Ring - Metallica

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