SS 2012 Ad Campaign - Gucci Flora - Abbey Lew Kershaw

Posted: May 09 2012

"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her

I am addicted to magazines. I used to flip right to the articles and to the fashion editorials but more and more, I am captured by the ads more than the actual features in the magazine. This season, Louis Vuitton's Pastel Ads have made me smile and Versace's ads with Gisele Bundschen just make me jealous!!! Lol!!! But, I love the photography and the color effects - it screams Sultry! In all the May and June issues, I have been awestruck by the Gucci Flora Perfume Ads. The bouquet of pastel flowers is "beautiful" (I know, that's a generic word but it really is just that!) and the purity of the models face is sublime. It's definitely effective. It makes me want to switch from my 20 year loyalty to Issey Miyake and run out and buy this fragrance!

Abbey Lee Kershaw for Gucci Flora SS2012 Ad Campaign
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