Jewelry - my first and only LOVE

Posted: Apr 02 2012

We closed the actual AQUASKYE store almost 2 years ago and since then, we've been spending a lot of hours and energy on the online store and exploring new avenues to sell our wonderful treasures. During this time mostly consecrated to the computer screen, we realized that there were very few (if any) blogs dedicated to Jewelry. So we've decided to dive into the BIJOUX world that we love so much!!!! I hope that you will fall in love with jewelry again and again with this daily blog......

The first images are ones that I look at on a daily basis as my wallpaper on my oh-so precious IPAD. It makes me smile and if I'm having a stressful day, it calms me down. Yes, stacks of bracelets, rings and kick ass earrings do that for me. My love and passion for jewelry is my oxygen.......I think I need a man! =)

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