Fall is around the corner.....

Posted: Sep 01 2011

Every year I find myself with the same dilemma - how early do i really need to embrace the Fall season? As an accessories buyer and an avid Tumblr user, I am exposed to all the fashions and upcoming trends very early on. I am already deep into RESORT 2012, secretly hoping to fall upon a leaked Fall 2012 pic somewhere in my searches.
I love my SUMMER and anyone who knows me, knows that I am one of the remaining sun worshippers devoting any time I can find in the day to bask in the glorious rays of the SUN. So, ya, in these few months that we have as summer here in Montreal; I have a hard time inundating my blogs with fall and winter wear when all I really want is for the heat to never go away. Yes, yes I could just go live somewhere else where it's summer all year long but, seriously where else in the world can a citizen be so privileged to find themselves in frustrating "construction zone" traffic every street corner while cheeky cyclists weave around our cars and mindless pedestriations further impede our daily routes to the office?
This being said, the past month has beed dedicated to flipping through the actual September issues and it was un-inspiring. I get that fashion is recycled year after year, decade after decade but it's always the same. I want something new. With all the technology that we have in today's day and age, designers are unable to create new and exciting designs - impossible! Anywho, perhaps I'm feeling on the edge today because I am seeing my summer slip away from me - =(.
I did find some clothing and accessories worth noting; ENJOY!!!

Sexy Dominatrix - Claudia Schiffer in Vogue Germany

Jewel Tones, Harpers Bazaar US - Sep 2011

Nouveau Ethnic - Natasha Poly in Vogue Paris

GOLD cuffs - Versace Fall Ad Campaign

Gold chunky bijoux - Lanvin Fall 2011

Polka Dots - Stella McCartney Fall 2011

Mixed Prints - Armani Privé Fall 2011

Stars and Jewels - Oh So 80's!! D&G Fall 2011

Jewel toned Paillettes - PRADA Fall
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