Plus Size Models on the cover of Vogue Italia

Posted: Jun 13 2011

As I actively search through hundreds of images on a daily basis for this blog and my tumblr blogs; models sporting size 0 clothing is as common as my relationship with black clothes. (For those who know me, well they know how faithful I am to my black basics!!). When i stumbled upon the June 2011 cover of the Italian Vogue issue - I was speechless but pleasantly surprised. The title read - Belle Vere (Real Beauties). I am one of those readers out there that is forced to deal with my body image every time I leaf through a high fashion magazine because I have no choice but to imagine myself wearing that off the shoulder jumpsuit as a size 10 rather than a size 0. It makes me wonder who they are really targeting because most of the women I know who can afford these wares are not skeletal nor are they 20 years old.

Anywho, I was even more shocked to learn that it was an Italian Vogue only because I know Italians are oh so vain! From my experience in Italy, curves are not widely accepted even though Sofia Loren and Monica Bellucci are "real" women. Vanity is at a high in western Europe.

Needless to say, I am in awe of this cover and editorial. It's refreshing to see voluptuous women brilliantly photographed by Steven Meisel. It's classy and pertinent to what is happening NOW in the world of fashion. I sincerley hope that this trend will open a new avenue to healthier lifestyles and a step away from the unhealthy, very skinny, anorexic girl.
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