Men's Fall Fashion 2011

Posted: Jun 02 2011

In researching this topic, I was pleasantly surprised to find color for next season's Fall Fashions for MEN. Don't get me wrong, I love a man in all black or all grey!!! But in all blue or orange - that's super hot! European men are more daring than our North American men but a girl can pray that the men here will be more adventurous with their color palettes.

Male models paraded down Armani's runway in the basic shades of greys, blacks and BLUES.

And the Salvatore Ferragamo collection was superb with its chocolate browns, sunset oranges and creams. The loose silhouettes and rich fabrics were superb. Love this look - so sexy!

Calvin Klein showed RED as a dominant color in his palette. The monochromatic look screams confidence and fashion style. We love!

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