Photographer to the Stars

Posted: May 03 2011

Mary McCartney with Madonna

We are all familiar with her oh so famous dad and her talented designer "sister" but we (or at least I) have never really heard about Mary McCartney until I was researching for fashion photography on the net (for the weloveaquaskye.tumblr blog). She was born in London in the greatest year ever, yes that would be 1969 (my year of birth!). Her passion for photography was inherited by her late mom, Linda McCartney. It makes it all the more special. She is definitely the low key member of the family but with an eye at capturing still life beauty and intensity that I, personally, look for in art.
She has been featured in highly reputable publications as Harper's Bazaar and Interview. As well as, photographed high profile ad campaigns including Adidas, Stella McCartney and Mandarin Oriental to name a few. But, for me, her portrait photos of Jude Law, Sienna Miller, Daphne Guiness and Morrissey are captivating, in their own right. Check out her website for more inspiration:

Stella McCartney

Kate Moss

Sienna Miller

Morrissey - the Smiths

Jude Law

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