By Terry on 2011-04-04

Posted: Apr 04 2011

My fashion dilemma. Recently I was sent a link for Muscat fashion week, held in Oman. I did not even know one existed, my ignorance. What intrigued me was one particular picture, which I have included in this blog. My first reaction to this picture was indignant, another woman covered up. This is not fashion but suppressing a woman’s rights. Then I started to look at the fabric and the actual fashion creation and then my mood changed to one of beauty. If her face were not covered I would have said what a beautiful and colorful outfit. The beading and color were gorgeous. I became intrigued with this picture. Interesting how one outfit invoked such different feelings. If I had to walk around being covered then I would want to be looking as fabulous as this picture. Then again, do we want to even beautify this type of dress code for women? My fashion dilemma.
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