Runway on the Green

Posted: Mar 31 2011

courtesy of (from the runway to green site)

On Twitter, we have the aquaskye page which as you all know as weloveaquaskye and I have a Twitter page under my name SabrinaDinucci. In classic Sabrina style, I instantly replied to a post without thinking or really reading into it and i made myself look like an ass. So here is the exchange (and oh it was with Coco Rocha; yes the famous Canadian model - typical me! I say).

Oh_So_Coco "someone just paid 35,000$ to have lunch with Harrison Ford"
SabrinaDinucci  "I only hope that same person spent just as much on a more important cause like say just to name a few"
Oh_So_Coco "do you even know what is Runway to Green"
Sabrina Dinucci "my bad! that's my problem i talk before thinking or in this case researching.... thanks for enlightening me!

So, i actually looked it up and it's top designers coming together to raise awareness of environmental issues. OOPS! It's actually a very important event that I strongly believe in if we are to have any future at all on earth.

So the moral of the story is to THINK before you TALK. Lol like that's ever going to happen to me although it could avoid from me looking like an IDIOT!!! But seriously, check out the website - it's informative and really, really essential......
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