Neutrals - the NEW BLACK

Posted: Mar 09 2011

Yup, so Sabrina chose Neutrals has her first spring trend to tackle this season. From the girl who is always in black and loves bold colors - i forced myself to sift through all the magazines and images online to build the appreciation for NEUTRALS. I think it's the word that sounds so bland so it's not exciting to me - so for today, i'm changing it to the NEW BLACK. Now that sounds better. As I patiently flipped through pages and pages of spring trends - ok here it is - i actually fell in love with some pieces.

I mean if u just check out our newsletter with the Alexander McQueen gilded shoes and Gucci's fringe top - they are works of art. This season's accessories must haves must include McQueen's metal bag - OMG this bag is to die for especially with his signature skulls as the fastener. I get teary eyed everytime i think of him and what a loss it is for the fashion industry. Anyways, let me get back to my writing.......

Dyrberg/Kern has perfect jewelry that will complement the neutrals (oops! I mean the NEW BLACK) of the season. I love that they used leather discs instead of plastic or resin (to be more politically correct) as accents to their "bijoux"! The khaki earrings are perfect with the whites and beiges - instead of going all the way uniform.

 So here are some tips for wearing "the new black" jewels with the beiges, sands, camels and khakis out there!

1. Layering is still in! Oh yes! Gold chains layered over ivory or khaki based necklaces would look great on top of the simple pant suit silhouettes we will be seeing very soon!
2. I'm a big fan of this trend so I encourage u to pile on the bracelets whether they are leather bangles, pearl stretch bracelets or rigid bangles - the More the Better!
3. Masterpiece necklaces are still an important trend this season - Dyrberg Kern has a superb multi row necklace with ribbons (something you would easily see on Gossip Girl's Blair character). I love it!!!
4. Fringe is not only reserved for clothing this season - watch for the necklaces and bracelets with fringes, feathers and charms.

Have fun!! And if u need any style advice, send me pics and I'll be more than happy to sit down with our stylists and come up with jewelry solutions for you which is a service we currently do with our customers!!!

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