Making a Statement with Jewelry is all we really Want - Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015/16 delivers - Chanel, Miu Miu, Vionnet etc...

Posted: Mar 12 2015

The jewelry bloggers and online stores can breathe a little easier now that Karl Lagerfeld has adorned every model with bijoux! Not just simple chains like we've been seeing but chunky chokers, pendants and cuffs. the look is vintage but I love the statement it makes. Merci Chanel. Thank you Karl. Check out some cool chokers at in the glam rock section.

More chains a la classique Chanel - pearls, beads and logo charms is truly embracing Coco's spirit. We're loving it too. Not my favourite style but for those who shy away from glitter and shine, this form of layering is just as funky!

Loving the gold tassel necklace from Vanessa Seward - it's elegant and stylish. As you can see, it can be worn differently. And variety is what I love! Paul & Joe - the berets and necks adorned with safety pin/charms is oh so 80s. I never complain about the 80s style since it was my era and I loved every minute of it - especially this British style. Louis Vuitton's abstract pendant was uninspiring but it's LV and they seem to never do any wrong. ;)

In all honesty, Miu Miu and Prada have never been my go-to brands ever. It's the styling that doesn't please me but hey "a chacun son gout". This season's glamorous statement earrings and necklaces took me by surprise, I must admit. I do like the mix of collegiate knits, intricate textiles, quirky shoes and bags, interesting styles all juxtaposed together. The glitter just works and I love it! -
check out we shine

Yet another designer that I am not completely familiar with, if we are being honest. His silhouettes were basic but not. It's wearable with an edge. I do appreciate the fact that every single model sported mismatched earrings - and gorgeous ones at that. The Fish scale ones are my fave!

Ooh pearls with a twist - very cool Stella! Pearls just doesn't do it for me unless they are going to be oversize like Chanel did last season. But the extra twist is fun and opens up the field for the more classic girl to take it up a notch.

Vionnet - wow that chunky gold chain and choker mix is just awesome! Not a fan of the plexiglass block necklace - only because I'm just not a fan of that modern style of jewellery but once again just my opinion. The brooch in the hair is genius! Veronique Leroy's modern approach is more pleasing to my eyes because of its simplicity. Would probably wear either the cuff or choker. 
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