Rihanna is all about Jewelry and We Love Her for it!!! Layering Queen!

Posted: Mar 30 2015

It's just speculation that this may be one of the album covers she will be using for her upcoming album. I read somewhere that it's a fan that created the above. Regardless, we are loving the bohemian necklaces she is wearing (even if I've been wearing this look for a long, long time - it goes to show you that this look will never get old). Yes, it is a good investment piece indeed. And I know just where you can buy it: http://www.aquaskye.com/collections/we-love-boho-chic/products/masterpiece-coin-necklace

This album cover was just recently released on her instagram page so it may be the actual one but it's all still up in the air for now. Her blocky brows are giving Cara Delavigne a run for her money! But all I really care about is her crystal long earrings! 

I love her jewelry style in that she stays true to it with her layering of rings. And the way she puts them together (or her stylist!) is very punk rock!! 

Speaking of punk rock, yup this choker will never get old for me. I just find it sexy and powerful (and perhaps a little Fifty Shades of Grey). She pulls it off in a most elegant way. I would never have paired the Chanel pearl button earrings with it but it works on her! And the cuff well it's just shiny and hot!

The layering of necklaces is just top! I guess it's because I'm a fan of layering my rings, bracelets and necklaces - that's why I'm drawn to her jewelry style. She does it right and I'm forever appreciative that celebrities like her keep our industry alive!

Seriously, this style is just divine. I wish more and more people wouldn't be so afraid to combine silver, gold and crystal together. The gold choker and glitz (http://www.aquaskye.com/collections/we-love-glam-rock/products/gold-neck-choker) worn with denim and t-shirt is glam chic baby!!

Again, her layering of chains and charms not shying away from religious symbols is what makes Rihanna, Rihanna. God bless her!!

Shine on!

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