According to Vogue, this Earring is so Last Season - we say who cares and just #Be Yourself!!!

Posted: Apr 01 2015

So, according to Vogue ear cuffs are so last season and oversized antique earrings are IN!!!  What do you think? Because personally I'm not a big fan of magazine's telling me what's in or out. In my humble opinion, wear whatever makes you feel good, whatever makes you feel sexy, whatever makes you feel classy, whatever makes you feel feminine! 

Here's Vogue's pick for this season - can't say I disagree with it! Personally, it's a style of earring I've been wearing for over 20 years.

Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2015

And this is apparently the "last season" earring that maybe less than 1% of the population even wore. But, please don't get bogged down by what Vogue has to say. I still think it's a way cool ear cuff! 


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