Marion Cotillard Designs for Chopard with a Line of Ethically Sourced Jewelry

Posted: Apr 02 2015

Cannes Film Festival 2014

One of my favourite actresses and style icons, Marion Cotillard is designing a jewelry collection for fine jewellers, Chopard. It will be an ethically sourced line incorporating opal stones sourced from a family-owned mine in Australia.
"You design while thinking of the people who work on extracting the stones, so it's a totally different energy," she told WWD> "Why should the creation of dreams and luxury turn into a nightmare for the people who are providing the raw material?"
She brings up a very good point. Unfortunately, most of the jewelry and fashion that we wear and buy are not so ethically sourced but perhaps, it's time that we take good care in choosing collections more wisely and asking more questions.
She will debut her Chopard pieces - a bracelet and a necklace - next month at the Cannes Film Festival. 
Merci Marion for raising awareness and maybe starting a trend for more "conscious" jewelry and fashion. 
Shine On!

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