How to make a Real Statement with the Layered Look

Posted: Apr 21 2015

The layered look always seems to be in style especially with finer jewelry but today I will show you layered looks that I would love to see on the streets of Montreal (or anywhere else, for that matter). For now, we rejoice in celebrity sightings, runways and fashion editorials.

Kristen Stewart in Chanel - layered locks are last season but seriously even if you wore this next year, you would still be ultra fashionable! 

Saint Laurent SS2015 - the Bohemian layered look never seems to tire. As long as there are still music festivals and summertime beach parties, this look will remain a staple. This season's return to the 70s helps as well!

Rihanna decked out in layers and layers of pearls is divine. I remember wearing this back in the 80s - I'll see this again and again: NEVER throw or give away your bijoux or accessories for they will come back at one point.

A simpler bohemian version but I do love the metal mixed necklace with long tassel necklace. It's an easy look. (Free People)

I dare you all to layer all these colourful stone necklaces - firstly because it will probably weigh you down and may be a little heavy. We can learn to layer colours from this photo and not be afraid to mix cold and warm hues.

Vionnet's runway look for Fall 2015 still applies to right now - I love the rigid chokers accompanied by a gradation of chains. Great look! The richness of the gold and quartz is top!

Alexandre Vauthier always and still a favourite of mine with his over the top accessories and fashions. All over chains definitely makes a statement. 

The mix of heavy gold chain (, medallion a la Versace, rectangular chain and charm necklace is eccentric but it works. I love love love this!!!!


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