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Posted: May 07 2015

I was working on a post for the Met Gala Bijoux but I was overwhelmed with photos from that night on my newsfeed and frankly, I'm over it. En bref, there was nothing spectacular especially the sheer numbers from Beyonce, JLo and Kim K. I am going to see Jessie J tonight. And I've decided to dedicate a post on one of my style icons. I'd prefer to spend my time on genuinely stylish people like Miss Jessie J!!!

Her cover photo for her latest album called "Sweet Talker" with the hits Burnin' Up and Masterpiece. Her gold chains and rings are signature Jessie J.

The gold ring party, chain is here again! Never afraid of mixing other elements with her metals - this crystal mix bracelet and printed top just screams unique!

Rock on, Jessie J - she surely can teach all of us how to confidently wear sheer without looking trashy. Always one to wear the jewels is why we love her!

Maybe, I love her so much cz she does the black and gold so well!! I'm partial to all black so it helps! The fact that she dares with bigger statement pieces makes me love her more. She's not all about style - her voice is stupendous!

My favourite album is her first, it holds a special place in my heart as it reminds me of my friendship with another up and coming singer (Jay'dore). Wearing black lipstick, nail polish and eyeliner is punkalicious!

Yup, it wouldn't be Jessie J if she didn't have quirky accessoires like these Halloween ones - only difference between her and us is that she actually looks sassy wearing them where we would look "dollarstore-ish" - ;)

Okay, maybe this photo does not have the best resolution but you can get the picture - acrylic hoops and silver glitter lips is all Jessie J!

Quirky J - c'mon rarely can we find a celebrity to wear a bottle cap sweatshirt, fabric earrings and a gold bangle and make it look hot, hot, hot!!! It helps that she is beyond gorgeous!

Below are images from her latest video: Burnin' Up feat 2 Chainz.
Oh when oh when will the masses wear the BIG ASS earrings!!! I think it will just have to be left to Jessie J, Beyonce and myself!! ;)

Gorgeous ring!! I actually sold quite a few back when I had a store! 

This is taken from her video Wild feat. Big Sean & Drizzee Rascal. Love, love these triangular earrings. But love her more as a dark haired beauty. Regardless, she's hot and stylish and a superb singer! 

Will let you know in my next post if she's just as good as a performer - I don't doubt it a bit!!! 

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