The Significance of Which Finger You Wear Your Rings

Posted: May 12 2015

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Since my obsession with jewelry began, I have always worn rings on my fingers. My style evolves as my moods do. I am probably not the best subject for this sort of analysis as currently I wear rings on all my fingers (except the pinky). Most people wear their rings on the same fingers - that's why I've decided to do some research into it and enlighten all of you on the significance of rings on certain fingers!


According to Palmistry, the pinky is ruled by Mercury. The key attributes are intelligence, communication, intuition and persuasion. The last attribute is of significance because often we associate rings worn on this finger with organized criminals or the Mafia. The Godfather and more recently the Sopranos have "popularized" the implication of this ring. Be careful when placing a signet ring on your left or right pinky - you might get an offer you can't refuse!

Graduates with a degree in Engineering and Ecology wear rings on their right pinky announcing to the world that they have received their diploma in their field. My tone may be a tad snarky, it's because it is! We'll leave this for another article! 


This finger is ruled by Apollo and symbolizes relationships, creativity, love and self-expression. It's no surprise that this finger is also meant for wedding rings. Most people in Western countries wear their wedding rings on this finger. According to the Ancient Romans, they believed that the vein travels directly from our left finger to our heart. Even if you are not romantic like me, this belief may turn you into one. When in Rome...


Germany, Russia, India, Poland, Greece and Columbia to name a few choose to wear their wedding rings on the right hand. Traditions vary throughout the world. 

The right ring finger, in the Western culture is also symbolic for Single women and is representative of Female Economic Freedom. When women started earning their own money and breaking away from the traditional family model, they subconsciously wore rings on the dominant hand to express their independence. And for Single ladies, it's mostly worn to avoid wearing any rings on the left until the "right man" comes along. As for this Single lady, I don't care and wear my rings anywhere. In truth, when I got engaged many moons ago I requested the ring to be made for my middle finger. * Maybe, that's why it didn't work out!! :)

Vogue Bijoux December 2007 | Photo by Thomas Lagrange


The middle finger is one of my favourite digits and no not because of its ability to flip someone off but because for me it represents power. Ya, almost like the Superpower of fingers when it comes to sparkly and statement rings. But this is just my opinion.

In reality, it is ruled by Saturn which represents balance, justice, the law, the search for truth and sense of right and wrong. If you're going to flip the bird, you better be sure it's justified!  There's a lot of responsibility that comes with the middle finger so you better have an important ring to represent it.

Rosie Tupper | Vogue Mexico 2010 | Photo: Sarah Silver


Another one of my favourite fingers for rings is ruled by Jupiter. Self-confidence, ambition and leadership are the qualities highlighted by this ruling planet. It makes sense since it's the finger you would use to point with. A person wearing a ring on this finger is usually very confident in his/her style and interestingly enough is one who works in an executive role. 

Source: unknown

In the traditional Jewish culture, the right index finger symbolizes marriage. A plain gold band is placed on the right index finger and sometimes after the ceremony, the bride may move it to the left ring finger or just keep it in place. It's her choice.


There is no ruling planet or Greek God for the thumb which is quite sad, I must say. Only one source claimed significance for the thumb ring. It also came with a warning to be aware of any changes in your life that may happen while you are wearing the ring. The thumb apparently controls your willpower. 

Jean Paul Gaultier | Spring 2010

I have recently started wearing a thumb ring. It completes my ring party look and personally  I have always viewed it as sexy and confident. If a man is wearing it, confidence is definitely at the forefront. 


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