Crushing on Lanvin Jewelry - Making a Statement is their Motto and I Like It!

Posted: Jun 02 2015

Spring 2015 - it was a PEARL PARTY showcasing pearls in various forms, styles and shapes! 

It's not a secret that I am obsessed with jewelry and I am not necessarily faithful to one brand or designer but I do have my favourites, that's for sure. Lanvin under the creative direction of Alber Elbaz, captivates me every season. Every season, the pieces seem to get bigger and more elaborate and just MORE!! 

Lanvin Fall 2012 - who cares what year this is from cz I would wear this in 20 years from now! The emerald green crystals offset by the gunmetal is exquisite. Love the way it's styled on top of a yellow print and red fur!!

Again, I can't help myself and am going to complain in that I wish the masses would embrace this way of adorning statement necklaces, earrings and bracelets. I must resign to the few of us and be content. Clearly, I'm a stubborn Bull and the reason for this blog is to educate those who are afraid to take the leap into the land of "statement bijoux". Writing the last sentence makes me sound a little pretentious that people need to to be educated and influenced into wearing oversize jewelry even if it is not to their liking - lol!! It's not that. I am just so in love with jewelry and wish that more people would bedeck themselves in jewels!!

Spring/Summer 2010 - Funny thing is that even today people my customers from my jewelry shop are still weary of wearing snakes around their necks and wrists. They embrace the ring but nowhere else on the body. I don't understand their reasoning. They seem to view it as aggressive and "scary". I get it and I don't get it. I would not say NO to this masterpiece!

Fall 2012 - when these "killer" pieces paraded down the runway, I was overjoyed in my seat and couldn't wait to see at least one person wearing this in the streets.....I'm still waiting!!! C'est magnifique!!!

Going a bit further back in time to 2011, this melange of chains and bibs is breathtaking.

Fall 2013/14 - This is actually one look that managed to get copied and found its way into mainstream fashion. Of course, it's not "cool" that you could have bought this word necklace for 20$ in the generic accessories store as opposed to the 1250$ original price. (It's cool for us not for Lanvin! But hey, I'm sure they didn't lose much sleep or money over it).

I have died and awakened in bejewelled heaven! I want this!!!

Who says Lanvin is only outrageous pieces, Spring 2013 saw "simpler", more contemporary looks come down the runway. Even then, the jewelry is still considered, by most, to be over the top. Go figure!

Spring 2015 - His current obsession is with monkey's! Can't blame him - they are so cute and this plaque necklace is a stunner!

The same collection as the words, this bug collection was a favourite of mine! Quirky and whimsical are always favorable traits in jewelry! Of course, Alexander McQueen made bees a thing as well in Spring 2013, one season before Lanvin but who really noticed?!

The wings have always made appearances in jewelry and fashion - it's one of those cyclical trends. It's the rock 'n roll appeal to them that make them so enticing for all of us rocker chicks. Below are close ups of the actual pieces - that wing cuff, though!!!!

Fall 2015 - we have this quartz beauty to look forward to this upcoming Fall. Maybe, we don't care so much about this cz we have so little Summer that we can come back to this in September!!! No reason not to admire it, though!


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