All the Jewelry from Fall 2015 Haute Couture - Statement Pieces are the Go-To for Fall

Posted: Jul 27 2015

I'm fully aware that it is only July and we still have two months of summer left and no one really wants to hear about Fall but the thing is, the shows are going on now and I'm here to summarize what we have in store for bijoux this Fall. All I'm asking is a few minutes of your time to break away from the scorching sun and if you are one of the lucky ones, the sandy beach. 

There was quite a few minimalist approaches to fashion for next year, in other words less jewelry or egad! NO jewelry but fret you not I found! And I found in a very STATEMENT kind of way! 

Let's first check out the earrings chez Giambattista Valli. Wow, wow, wow is all I can say oh and I WANT!!! 

Giambattista Valli 

Granted, this is not jewelry per se. But anything bejewelled is considered jewelry to me!
This Swarovski crystal encrusted snake lariat is everything!

A simple facetted crystal set on round lenses is all it takes to make this bijoux-worthy!

Stephane Rolland
Stephane Rolland's gold choker collar is absolutely divine. Surprisingly it seems like it sits comfortably around her neck!
Atelier Versace

This season Donatella Versace is taking the fairy/nymph road and apparently leaving behind the punk rock goddess. She isn't the only one to showcase this look (Dolce & Gabbana has been doing it for a season or two). In line with the millenials who effortlessly wear ropes, fringes and wraps around their heads, I guess this foliage head band will translate well for Fall. Time will tell!


Less jewelry but more detailing for Chanel. Not 100% satisfied with this but hey it can't always go the way of the Bijoux-ista!!!

Christian Dior

I was surprised to see the asymmetrical baubled chain parade down Dior's runway then again nothing surprises me anymore. It reminds me of Chanel, truth be told, but I must be grateful to Raf Simons for highlighting the chunky chain for Fall. 

It looks like a body piece and not part of the sheer blouse. I do love the simplicity of this piece and would imagine it looking mighty fine over a monochromatic top like black, of course!

Armani Privé

I was quite impressed and astonished by Armani for sending down Pat Benetar clones down his runway. The very 80s feel always strikes a chord with me since I am a teen of that era. What shocked me was Armani's interpretation - usually, he's more conservative but for his haute couture line, he opted for shocking pink, acrylic jewelry and pixie hair cuts. Exciting!

Martin Margiela

Making a statement defines the Martin Margiela collection. It's no surprise that John Galliano has been appointed as designer - he is not one to shy away from  over the top fashion. The coral and turquoise necklaces are what I found and the glass mosaic body piece. 

Jean Paul Gaultier

I must admit to missing JPG in ready to wear so when the couture shows roll around, I always look forward to viewing his collection. His avant garde and tribalesque details are wildly elegant. I love the punch of colours, textures, prints and oh his accessories always, always ROCK! 


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