This Summer was all about the Arm Party - Check out my Inspirations!

Posted: Aug 26 2015

I spend a lot of time scrolling through endless Instagram feeds and websites for the perfect photographs for my blog when all I really need to do is rely on my own style for the job. I take it for granted that I have a keen eye for styling jewelry. And every time I go out on the town whether it be day or night, at least one person stops me to compliment me on my jewelry style. You all know I'm a jewelry fanatic so it's second nature to me to adorn myself with jewels no matter the occasion.

In my constant pursuit of finding purpose in my life, I've overlooked the fact that I have a great talent in merchandising jewelry whether it be on myself or in a store or online - I just have it! Cocky much? Perhaps, but after 20+ years of dripping in jewelry, I'm owning up to this gift of mine! Perhaps it's time that I share this "gift" like all the other fashion bloggers out there who constantly bombard us with OOTD (Outfits of the Day). Perhaps it's time that I confidently post my JOTD. And perhaps it's time that I become a jewelry stylist/consultant and teach people out there how to wear more and more and more!!!

For now, here are some examples of how I bejewel myself in the day and in the night!

#Otazu cuff, Bangle Party and Clip On Earrings circa 1987.

Adding a pop of colour with blue and/or prints is the way to go. 

Orange, gold and black is hot, hot, hot! I know Orange seems scary but worn like this is juste assez! 

Silver bangles, black leather/silver cuff, silver braided boho bracelet and black horn bangle - all different styles but once together, they look pretty damn cool! 

It's the same idea as above but I added a chain/crystal cuff and a spike bracelet for extra edginess. Why not!

I added a silver bangle in this gold mix, just because.... There are no rules! That's the number one rule actually!

This blue bracelet was bought in NYC back in 1990 - Yes, I do not throw away my jewels never mind give them away, never ever!! The black cuff is by a good friend of mine - Xantra.

That touch of pink takes this arm party to another level!

Not my arm party, I can't claim artistry for this. My sister has started to play as well adding bronze and golds together for a boho glam kind of feel!

I remember always wearing a watch, and you? A good friend of mine is constantly taking photos with his watch and bracelets so it was high time I did the same. I actually love, love this look - you will be seeing more of it come Fall.  Watch = Dyrberg Kern (still one of my fave jewelry designers)

Nothing wrong with going all silver as long as there are different textures involved.

Okay I am a bit redundant with some of the bangles but when you love something you just can't let it go so easily!!

Doing my black and white photography stint - it works for this combo.

I couldn't ignore the male arm party from my favourite Fashionisto/Divo - he sure knows how to mix and match! Kudos to him for taking it to another level.

This watch and colourful bracelet combo is lively and so perfect for Summer!!!

Bring on the colour, baby!!!


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