London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016 - All the Jewelry!

Posted: Sep 24 2015

As I mentioned in my previous post, finding jewelry in London Fashion Week's lineup was somewhat arduous as I had to scroll through all the designer collections always ending up empty handed. When are these people going to understand that jewelry is front and centre?!! :) The bijoux that I did find is over the top (like I like!); some easier to wear than others. London is always so extremist in their fashion offerings - there's the super conservative and almost banal designers to their ostentatious ones like KTZ, featured below. The beauty of fashion relies on the creative direction of their designers and we wait every season to be blown away or not. London was minimal in accessories this season but what I did find will knock your socks off!!!


(Photos by Marcus Rondo)

I discussed Alexander Wang's collection as Mad Max-ish but I take it back because I feel the FURY in this collection by partners Marjan Pejoski and Sasko Bezovski. FYI: The name KTZ derives from the first store they opened called Kokon to Zai. The apocalyptic influence is evident in the fragments of leather seemingly united by metal springs and straps but the jewelry is at the forefront here. The oversize peppercorn earrings and pendant, the bicycle lock shaped earrings, the hardware bangles, the unpolished cuffs, the leather fringe dusters and heavy chains scream futuristic and gothic. Hmmmm...I wonder if we will ever see our future as bleak and ominous as their vision.


(Photos by Kim Weston Arnold)

Granted there is glitter and bling in this collection but the mood is ultra grungy. I do love that she's brought the glitzy style of the 20s with the "don't care, I wear whatever I feel like" 90s. I'm all for the shine! Obviously, my favourite piece is the TORO necklace - I need to have one asap!!! 


(Photos by Kim Weston Arnold)

Okay, I admit it, the only reason I have included this jewelry into this post is because I hardly have any collections and because it's John Galliano's contribution (and I love him!). I actually preferred when he was designing his extravagance at DIOR but hopefully, with fingers crossed, he will return to that arena again. For now, I will compromise for Martin Margiela's space oddity meets the 90s wear! The only piece I like and would wear is the leather choker with gold discs protruding outwards and the printed horse top!


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