Changing it up in 2016 - New Ideas and Cool Jewelry!

Posted: Jan 08 2016

I know, I know - it's been way too long. When I came back from Spain (back in October), my life path took a different turn again. I finally decided to shut down my baby, Aqua Skye. It was a daunting task; one that I probably should have done years ago but my obsession for jewelry and everything shiny kept me at it. And truth be told, I have a list of clients that I hold dear to my heart and tried desperately not to sever our ties by closing the business. 

But like the old adage says, not all good things have to come to such an abrupt end so why not use this blog as a communication tool between my clients/followers. Why not share with you my ongoing fascination with bijoux with this blog? I could still show off my wares and those of all my stylish friends on a daily basis; in fact I could do this twice a day!! I could still tirelessly scroll through Pinterest and blogger feeds to feed my insatiable craving of bijoux. Maybe, one day, when I'm a millionaire I will open another boutique. And just maybe it doesn't have to be Montreal. Maybe it could be somewhere warm and tropical, perhaps!! Hahahaha!! Okay I'm stepping into my dreamworld again. 

I pondered over what my first blog was going to comprise of and at first I was going to post "The Best of 2015" but it's a new year and perhaps, a new post is required to propel me forward instead of always relying on the past. 

January's birthstone is Garnet so here's a mood board I put together to get me back into the groove again. Interesting fact - Garnet signifies eternal friendship. I look forward to developing a long-standing "relationship" with all of you via my blog!!!

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Red Wool Scarf -

Ruby Queen Necklace

Garnet Swarovski Drops -

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