Dolce Gabbana's Alta Moda Collection Spring 2016 - All About the Opulence

Posted: Feb 02 2016

I had to forego my post about the Men's Jewelry for Fall 2016 (for now) to fit these gorgeous photos from Dolce Gabbana's Alta Moda show. They fittingly showcased their parade of models adorned in elegantly detailed evening gowns and expertly tailored mannish suits at Milan's opera house; La Scala. I've had the privilege to visit such splendour. (FYI, if you are ever in milan, it's a must see!) But, I'm not here to discuss their triumphant three time standing ovation for their collection. I'm here to boast about the JEWELRY and accessories. From gilded crowns to bejewelled crosses to jewel-encrusted statement pieces; this collection is what stirs up my bijoux love right down to the core!

Those earrings on the model standing behind Domenico Dolce - I want! I want! I want!

Their Sicilian heritage is shining bright in this look with the opulent crosses and bejewelled necklaces and earrings. The black lace dress would make any Italian Nonna proud!

While everyone is fawning over this emerald green velvety splendour, my eye is entranced by the oversize gold filigree earrings. 

What can I say, I'm a sucker for embroidery and crowns!

Everything about this look defines their label with the nod of yesteryear with the 18th century ruffle blouse, the white fur coat fit for a Russian Czar and the Indian traditional head jewelry paired with 20th century tailored pants. This mish mash of pieces just works; I guess it's indicative of their enduring success. 


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