Jean Streets – Perfecting the Canadian Tuxedo Look with Gold Bling

Posted: May 26 2015

I just came across this editorial on Pinterest and felt that it needed to be shared. I admit that it’s a year and half old (November 2013, to be exact) but I still feel like it’s relevant with the current “Canadian Tuxedo” trend. For those of you who are not aware of what that signifies (like moi – I just learned of it this spring!) – it’s wearing denim head-to-toe. 

Jean Streets editorial Chain
Model: Daniela Braga. Photographer: Aingeru Zorita.
Marie Claire US “Jean Streets”
The lock pendant was brought back by Chanel last year but I have yet to see one person wear it, other than a celebrity. I’m surprised that no one has knocked it off yet. 


This whole look (minus the earrings) is Balmain from the jumpsuit to the belt to the bijoux – just divine!


Bottega Veneta adorns her neck (the price is on request so I could only imagine the cost!) and the Celine bangles are sharp. I do love the metallic gold nail polish that I believe OPI and Sally Hansen both sell. 


Here is a mix of Louis Vuitton and Chloe for the rings, Paula Mendoza and Seville Michelle for the chokers/cross necklaces. Cross necklaces are so difficult to sell – I realize it’s a religious symbol and in hindsight as I look at the photo with the cross caressing her naked torso, maybe it is somewhat provocative. And that’s why I love it!!! 


The only item I see is that LOVE belt and it’s spectacular!!! It’s a Dolce & Gabbana Vintage piece (another price upon request item!).


Check out the chain necklace at Aquaskye –



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