Arm Party – Life is Too Short to Always wear the Same Bracelet – #Shine On

Posted: Mar 19 2015

It's an Arm, necklace and ring party
The Right way to do the Arm Party according to Moi!! I’m always posting about the jewelry trends but never really showing you who I am and what my jewelry style is. So here it is. From now on, I will post more photos of my mixes, my fashionista friends and pics of random ladies and men on the streets who inspire me every day! I hope you enjoy this new direction.
arm party montreal graffiti
Somewhere in the #MileEnd in #Montreal – the graffiti artist #LeDiamantaire visited Montreal last year and graced our city’s walls with his Diamond Art. All jewelry is available on


driving - jewelry style
Styling in my car! The key is to not the follow rules and just wear whatever you want – today’s arm party was achieved with gold, silver, black and white.


All red and ring party
Night on the town – here I was wearing an arm party set from my Bright Red collection that I sell on #Etsy. The rings are all from my personal collections – all from Aquaskye, of course. #DyrbergKern #AvantGarde #DiDonna #Aquaskye


Attitude is everything jewelry
Attitude is Everything is the poster behind my arm – I do love it! Cz I do believe in that! I mixed black and gold with a bright pink braided bracelet!


Gold snake wrap bracelets
By far, my simplest mix – just 2 #bracelets but as you can imagine, people loved this combo on Instagram. It is what it is…


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