Chokers – Get Ready for the Next Big Jewelry Trend for Spring 2016

Posted: Jan 19 2016

Every season, there’s a revival of a decade or era. It seems like the 70s and 80s are here to stay for awhile but the 90s have been creeping in for the past few years. And with that brings back the beloved choker for Spring/Summer! In truth, it’s always been the hardest seller (from my retail days). Most complain about the comfort level. I see how a piece of metal molding your neck can be construed as uncomfortable. I can even understand those who steer clear of fabric, leather or chain closely encircled around your neck. At the end of the day, chokers do one thing and that is, they makes a statement! And we wear wear jewelry to stand out, right ladies?? Okay, maybe I do but it’s my job to get you there.

Here are some sassy examples of what you can expect for the upcoming season. Dare to wear, people!!!


pretty chokers spring 2016


I predict the scarf or ribbon choker by Christian Dior will take the mainstream by storm – it’s probably already out in H&M but I’m not sure so don’t blame if it isn’t! It’s pretty yet still edgy if worn with the right clothes! Hell, we can improvise on this one by buying our own fabric and pinning a crystal on it!!

KISS chokers Spring 2016


Here are simpler versions of the choker that may not make you feel so claustrophobic. The Jill Stuart gold narrow choker with chain hanging down is an easy one and I could picture quite a few of my friends with this stunner! Too dainty for me – I would probably layer it with more chain.


Street Style Chokers Spring 2016


Street Style Chokers 2016

 Most here are totally wearable – I’m loving the layering of chains from Chanel. It’s not really my style but the tie wrap from Christopher Kane is kinda dope!! Perhaps a tad morbid as this is a surefire way in killing someone but we can die by chain as well!! Lol!! I will stop now… 


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