A Tribute to David Bowie – the Style Icon, the Music Innovator

Posted: Jan 11 2016

Upon learning the news today that David Bowie passed away, I was shocked and in disbelief for the better part of the morning. But, as the tributes and kindness flooded my Facebook newsfeed, I realized what an impact he had on our lives – our musical journeys. I remember listening to his Space Oddity album at the age of 14 with my best friend. We would shut the lights and imagine ourselves floating around his Space odyssey. Of course, New Wave was the music of choice for us and he just epitomized all that was cool at the time. 

David Bowie Space Oddity

Fashion Icon in his own right

I know most admire him for his music legacy and magical lyrics but as this is a jewelry blog, today I am focusing on his chameleon style from his Davie Jones Mod-era to his Ziggy Stardust persona to his Androgynous looks. It’s interesting how today’s runway shows showcase more and more of his revolutionary style. Back in the day his cutting-edge hairstyles & makeup and avant garde wardrobes were daring and so authentically Bowie, affirming him as a Fashion Icon.  

Here are some of my favourite photos of Mr. David Bowie!

David Bowie Style Icon
David Bowie (1970’s photo by Mick Rock) – the necklace!!!


David Bowie Style Icon

Ever the fearless one when it came to Fashion – we are loving his printed blazer and clip on button earring – oh and we can’t dismiss his pumpkin orange hair!

David Bowie Style Icon - Ziggy Stardust

Philharmonie de Paris, a Ziggy Stardust influenced couture collection

David Bowie Style Icon - Dark Labyrinth

David Bowie by Mick Ross inside SOME/THINGS Chapter 006 THE DARK LABYRINTH

David Bowie Style Icon - Thin White Duke


David Bowie Style Icon

David Bowie Style Icon - Musician
David Bowie Style Icon - Let's Dance

He rocked his look into his 60’s

David Bowie Style Icon - Alexander McQueen

Union Jack coat designed for Bowie by Alexander McQueen for the Earthling album cover (released in 1997) – love!!!
David Bowie Style Icon - New Wave King
He was definitely our New Wave Royalty!
David Bowie Style Icon - We Love You




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