Milan Fashion Week Jewelry Trends 2016 – Eclectic Au Maximum!

Posted: Sep 30 2015

Part Two of my Milan Fashion Week entries. This post is dedicated to the all that is Eclectic, Modern Artsy and Pop’py’. The colourful blooms, the wild 70s patterns, the opulent detailing, the vivid hues and the graphic lines will leave you feeling giddy by the end of this post, I promise!

Dolce Gabbana Spring 2016 Jewelry


Dolce Gabbana Spring 2016
MFW 12
MFW 13
MFW 14
MFW 15
MFW 16
MFW 17
MFW 18
MFW 19 photos by Yanni Vlamos
(Photos by Yannis Vlamos)
The models paraded down the runway with their cellular taking selfies – it’s fitting that D&G, the masters of over trending would do this in their show. We’re so over selfies like how some people are so over them! I, for one, am not because they are accessories gods to me! This season, they are glorifying Italy by embroidering “Italy is the best” across their clothes. I have no problem with that as I am Italian! I do love the tropical feel of their earrings incorporating fruits, flowers and tassels. And I’m still not tired of their embellished earphones. Definitely a must have at one point!
 DSquared2 by Monica Feudi2
DSquared2 by Monica Feudi3
DSquared2 by Monica Feudi6
DSquared2 by Monica Feudi7
DSquared doesn’t stray far from their already sporty chic aesthetic. This season they bring forth the brightness and POP art feel of acrylic jewelry in the form of abstract earrings and full necklaces. Fun is the word here to describe their collection. Nothing wrong with injecting a little of that into our lives!
Gucci by Yannis Vlamos3
Gucci Spring 2016
Gucci by Yannis Vlamos4
Gucci by Yannis Vlamos5
(Photos by Yannis Vlamos)
Here’s the thing I was a fan of Gucci when Tom Ford was at its helm and then when Frida Giannini took over I was equally excited because her creative vision was on par with the Gucci woman. Apparently, this is the new Gucci woman and I don’t relate to it. Apparently, I am not the market they are seeking. With Alessandro Michele as the successor, he’s churned out an uber 70s, eclectic styling that screams millenials but can they afford it is the question? Apart from my opinion, I am quite pleased to see oversize earrings in abstract shapes and sizes. 
(Photos by Yannis Vlamos)
Moschino was my favourite designer back in the day when Franco Moschino designed his collection. He passed away in 1994 and was succeeded by Rossella Jardini, his creative assistant until 2013 when it was handed over to Jeremy Scott. I am a bit (a lot) critical of anyone taking over this line. I feel like Jeremy Scott takes it to a ridiculous level. And the cheap ass jewelry is underwhelming. There I said it!
Versace Spring 2016
She’s gone very simple this season opting for tame animal prints with matching jewelry and accessories or lustrous navy blue. It’s commercially appealing. I’m not inspired to say anything else about this line and it’s not because it’s not nice, it’s a far cry from last season’s rock n roll styling. 

Au Jour le Jour

Au jour le jour Spring (Photos by Gianni Pucci)

Whimsical and quirky and cartoonish, these earrings are for the sassy and fashionable girl willing to wear abstract blobs on her ears! I think I’m a bit cranky today – my comments are getting snarkier as this post progresses. I apologize in advance to all u reading this!!




I love the juxtaposition of this messy rubber choker against the plain white clothing – chaos meets plain jane!

Emporio Armani by Marcus Tondo

Emporio Armani by Marcus Tondo4

Emporio Armani by Marcus Tondo7

Emporio Armani by Marcus Tondo9

Emporio Armani by Marcus Tondo10

Emporio Armani by Marcus Tondo11

(Photos by Marcus Tondo)

The fact that Armani has girls wearing so much bijoux is encouraging and not just simple, barely there jewels but oversize earrings and hoops, metal chokers, Marni-esque abstract necklaces and solo earrings with spikes. 

Marni Spring 2016 Jewelry

marni 13

marni 14

marni 15

marni 16

marni 17

marni 18

Marni Spring 2016 Jewelry

(Photos by Gianni Pucci)


Truth be told, I’m not alway Marni’s biggest fan and not because it’s not excellent quality but it’s the modernistic approach. I’m less abstract and more glam chic but here I can appreciate the oversize artsy earrings. Andy Warhol meets Frank Lloyd Wright in Italy. Lol!! I need a drink or two!
(Photo by Monica Feudi)
Prada is another designer collection that doesn’t appeal to my fashion senses at all. I can appreciate the quality of her fabrics and overall look but I just can’t fathom wearing any of her pieces but someone or many must be because she’s a multimillion dollar label. The globe earrings adorned every model along with the metallic gold lipstick which I love!! Here’s to earrings everywhere!!


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