All the Jewelry at Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016 – Part One – Folklore Meets the Modern Woman

Posted: Sep 28 2015

Unlike London and New York, Milan is shaping up to be a Fashion Week with runway collections overflowing with jewelry and accessories. There is still hope for BIJOUX! Earrings dominated the runways but brooches and necklaces were still very much in play. It’s clear the 70s is at the forefront next season with the mainstay bohemian looks still present only this time it’s less hippie and more 70s stylish career woman incorporating modernism in her boho look. 

Les Copains by Kim Weston Arnold

Kim Weston Arnold 4
Les Copains Spring 2016

(Photos by Kim Weston Arnold)

I love the crystal, glitzy brooches found here on Les Copains’ contemporary looks. It gives it an old-school glamour, don’t you think? 


Alberta Ferretti Jewelry


Alberta Ferretti by Kim Weston Arnold 5

(Photos by Kim Weston Arnold)
C’est clair – this look is oh so boho. I do love the mix of sexy lingerie dresses and the conservative tunics. The colours are earthy and the matte gold jewelry conjures up Morocco and Turkish influences. 



Antonio Marras by Marcus Tondo3
Antonio Marras Spring 2016
Antonio Marras by Marcus Tondo


(Photos by Marcus Tondo)
Great Gatsby meets Russian Folklore – pretty much sums up these looks! The embellished hair pins and earrings are sweet and can’t wait to see more people adorning such opulence!




To be honest, I’m not familiar with this designer but the handmade, crafty jewelry earned a spot in my blog – the mini leather pouch pendant and tassel bracelet are adorable!


ETRO by Kim Weston Arnold6


ETRO Spring 2016 Jewelry

(Photos by Kim Weston Arnold)
I remember wearing these fabric chokers in the 90s – this choker trend is on its way back in a big way, it seems!


Francesca Sognamiglio by Kim Weston Arnold4
Francesca Sognamiglio by Kim Weston Arnold3
Francesca Sognamiglio by Kim Weston Arnold2
(Photos by Kim Weston Arnold)
This collection brought back memories of Gianni Versace’s collection of yesteryear with the seashells and cut out looks. The lilac and green number in gladiator style especially reminds me of Gianni’s aesthetic but hey all I really care about is the Jewelry!! The single earring, the large clips, chunky cuff and choker are all plusses for moi!



Roberto Cavalli by Gianni Pucci
Roberto Cavalli by Gianni Pucci2
Roberto Cavalli SS2016

Photos by Gianni Pucci

I’m in love with the second pale blue skirt – it’s flirty and rock ‘n roll at the same time.  She looks like a flamenco rockstar!! There was not a lot of jewelry but the pieces made their own statement as fringy solo earrings and a golden ear party!

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini by Kim Weston Arnold2


Philosophy SS2016

(Photos by Kim Weston Arnold)

Subtle and feminine, it was worth a mention for the layering aspect. Good to see that layering and long necklaces are still IN. 




The jewelry is modern but I included here because of the fashion styling – the suede fringe and posse-fitted shirt dress is very 70s. Actually, this look is exactly how I pictured the 70s woman transitioning into the “man’s world”.

Phiipp Plein by Yannis Vlamos


Phiipp Plein by Yannis Vlamos2


Phiipp Plein by Yannis Vlamos3


Phiipp Plein SS2016

(Photos by Yannis Vlamos)

This is our 80s rocker chick meets the 90s grunge girl entry – silver chain body jewelry and hardware statement pieces get my heart racing! The feather dress with crystal butterfly pendant is just perfect!

Tod's SS2016 Jewelry

Tod's by Marcus Tondo3

Tod's by Marcus Tondo7(Photos by Marcus Tondo)

Sleek and contemporary jewelry – it’s a bit too simple for me but hey it’s not all about me!!

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