All the Jewelry from NYFW Spring Summer 2016

Posted: Sep 23 2015

If I were to base my trend forecasting on New York’s Fashion Week, I would be thrilled at the prospect of seeing oversize, statement earrings for Spring/Summer 2016. But, I have just finished my blog post for London Fashion week and suffice it to say I had to “needle in a haystack” search for the jewelry.  As you are all aware of, I don’t really care about the “trends” per se because kick-ass earrings, over the top necklaces and arm party bling are my “things” and I plan on wearing them until I leave this crazy world.   
I’m just here to fill you in on what’s next for Spring/Summer 2016 so you can start imagining and fantasizing your next season’s wardrobe already.

Name Khan Spring 2016 Jewelry

Naeem Khan Gianni Pucci3

Naeem Khan Gianni Pucci4

Naeem Khan Gianni Pucci14

Naeem Khan Gianni Pucci12

Naeem Khan Gianni Pucci11

Naeem Khan Gianni Pucci10

Naeem Khan Gianni Pucci9

Naeem Khan Gianni Pucci6

Naeem Khan Gianni Pucci5

(Photos by Gianni Pucci)

There is a definite Dolce Gabbana feel here. D&G have been churning out this folkloric earring over the past few seasons. Of course, they were not the first to create such beauties – we can go as far back as Christian Lacroix in the 80s, he was a genius at over-embellishment when it came to his clothes and accessories. But,I’m not here to talk about him. I’m just excited to see designers in New York stepping out of the box a little bit. Naeem Khan’s monochromatic and printed dresses were both graceful and fashionable. 

Provenza Schouler Jewelry

Proenza S by Monica Feudi2 3
Proenza S by Monica Feudi 3
(All Photos by Monica Feudi)
Black and white seem to be the prevalent trend out of New York. I think every single designer had at least one model parading down the runway in this mix. And graphic prints or cut-out fabrics (as above). Proenza Schouler’s feather and wavy metal earrings created quite a stir. I don’t really understand the reason but again we are talking about New York where the fashion crowd is a bit more conservative than their European counterparts. 


Rodarte Spring 2016 Jewelry

rodarte ss2016 Yannis Vlamos 6

rodarte ss2016 Yannis Vlamos 4

rodarte ss2016 Yannis Vlamos 3

rodarte ss2016 Yannis Vlamos 1

rodarte ss2016 Yannis Vlamos

(Photos by Yannis Vlamos)
Anything fairy or whimsical is always at the top of my list. I’m not usually a fan of Rodarte like everyone else seems to be. But, I’m looking forward to more people sporting these lightweight, fairy-like earrings and oh the pretty hair barrettes are a bonus. The French excel in hair accessories but today I will hand it to Rodarte for creating such bewitching splendour with their jewelry and their dazzling fabrics combining laces, glittery embroidery and sheer organza.
Oscar by Yannis Vlamos7
Oscar by Yannis Vlamos6
Oscar by Yannis Vlamos2
Oscar by Yannis Vlamos
Oscar by Yannis Vlamos3
(Photos by Yannis Vlamos)
Peter Copping, creative director at Oscar de la Renta, does the fashion house proud a second time in a row. The Spanish influence was not overly-embellished and literal but its subtlety resonated in the rich colour palettes, romantic flower prints and of course, the statement earrings. His respect for Oscar’s aesthetic combined with his personal touch made for a show filled with feminine pride.
Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang by Gianni Pucci2


Alexander Wang SS 2016

(Photos by Gianni Pucci)
We have now entered a whole different spectrum – away from the romantic and whimsical. Now we enter Alexander Wang’s vision of women today as strong, “Imperator Furiosa”-like types (Mad Max character). It’s not new, once again, since we saw this at Versace last season and all throughout the 90s. Basically, ladies – cut your bike chains and make your own jewelry instead of spending a pretty penny on this line. Just saying.
Cushnie et Ochs SS 2016(Photos by Luca Tombolini)
Cushnie & Ochs are known for their edgier lines. This season they sent down more basic silhouettes but with cut outs baring just the right amount of skin. The simple chain in a Y was just that – simple but worked, I guess. The curve earring with a flower at the end was what secured them a spot in my blog. I love the simplicity of the shape and the size is imposing in a demure kind of way.


Ralph Lauren SS2016 Jewelry

Ralph Lauren by Gianna Pucci6


Ralph Lauren by Gianna Pucci5


Ralph Lauren by Gianna Pucci2


Ralph Lauren by Gianna Pucci                     (Photos by Gianni Pucci)

Last season Ralph Lauren wowed us with girls walking down the runway adorned in shiny crystals and I actually liked his collection which I hadn’t for a long, long time! His American aesthetic is fine and it works for the mainstream but never really incites any excitement within me. Well, this season he has gone back to the basics with red, white and blue (so original – note sarcasm!). The gold cuffs and monochromatic bangles are fun; even though I know as a Jewelry Retailer, they are a damn hard sell but the overall creative direction is classy in an Americana way. 


Anna Sui SS2016 Jewelry


anna sui
anna sui4
anna sui5
and crazy. I’m sure if you separate her pieces, they work wonders. Don’t get me wrong of course there are those who would wear her clothes head to toe (obviously, if she’s still around after so many years). Personally, she doesn’t do it for me. But her tropical, handmade chokers are delightful and a welcome change to next season’s lineup. 


Red Valentino SS2016
The simple black fabric choker with golden charm and red feather detail earned its place in this post: 1. Because, Valentino is all about superior fabric and tailoring. 2. The red feather is quirky and it’s a change from their usually elegant collections. 3. It’s Valentino.

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