NYFW SS2016 – Givenchy Rocks the Bling!

Posted: Sep 16 2015

New York has Givenchy to thank for making their Fashion Week shine so brightly. The fact that Riccardo Tisci had the balls to set up his runway show on Pier 26 with the backdrop of the World Trade Centre site on September 11 goes to show what level of respect he has garnered over the years. Kudos to Givenchy for opening it to the public for free and respect to them for making this event grandiose yet dignified. Riccardo Tisci, celebrating his 10 years at Givenchy, created a masterful collection of black and white. It was a lingerie meets tuxedo affair, combining feminine and masculine influences. It was literally ready to wear. The majority of the pieces are actually accessible (well, maybe not the price tag but the styles, yes!).

givenchy bijoux ss2016

Obviously, I was in awe of the bejewelled models parading down the catwalk, as I am a jewelry blog!! Their attire was a bit more embellished and spectacular. Givenchy’s exquisite attention to detail and tailoring is apparent in the following images. Enjoy! 

The more I study this photo, the more I am drawn to it because of the three unique personalities portrayed here: the cosmic gladiator, the punk rock goddess and the futuristic fairy! I want to be each one and I probably am at some point in my fantasy world.


givenchy bijoux ss2016
Wow!! what can I say. Scrolling through the comments on Facebook, it was 50/50 – either they hated it or loved it!! Obviously, what most don’t understand – this is not for everyday use (unless you have the patience every morning to paste these on your face), it’s more of a statement. And at we love…bijoux, we love making a statement!!!

givenchy ss2016 bijoux

This dainty lace screams enchantment and whimsical delight. 


Givenchy SS2016

Okay yeah, as soon as I saw this I imagined Princess Lea in my mind. But as you look closer, it’s more futuristic warrior goddess!!

Givenchy ss2016

Behind the scenes and behind the model; the detailing is not only reserved for the front and that’s why I love my designers. No matter the angle, it’s pure beauty and perfection.

givenchy ss2016 fairy

What to say but the fairy-wannabe in me just adores this!

givenchy we love bijoux blog

When I see all this armour and studding, I can’t help but widen my eyes in amazement and feel my heart flutter so. This kind of rocker meets gladiator meets cosmic warrior gives me the chills. I want to wear this, head to toe and just maybe I will meet by warrior king!


Givenchy Joan Smalls we love bijoux s2016

Apart from the gorgeous, plush dress I’m here to point out the black arm party and studded belt. I love that is monochromatic and of course, all black. For those who know me will understand my obsession with black clothes!


givenchy white fairy dress

It’s only fair that I show you his white creation (it’s not all white but divine, it is!). He brings back the birdlike feather detailing from seasons ago. The execution of feathers and fabrics is genius. Oh and of course, we must mention the ear party as well which is definitely an easy wear for all of us!


givenchy bijoux ss2016 33

The mix of black and white; the mix of lingerie and tuxedo shoes; the mix of masculine and feminine lines are all a breath of fresh air. You’re probably saying ‘Well, it’s nothing new’. Maybe, but the idea that it’s wearable makes me curve my lips into a smile because let’s be real this is ready to wear and unless you’re doing a couture show, don’t show me something I can’t imagine wearing in a million years! Just saying. An extra large but simple eternity pendant hangs from her neck – maybe because life is forever yin and yang!


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